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Afua Hirsch – The Guardian As we’ve seen in the UK, attacking the identity of people of colour can be a route to political success Pity Donald Trump. Even his racism is the most unsophisticated kind. Every black and brown… Continue Reading

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By Tamara Tutnjevic Gorman* NEW YORK, Jul 16 2019 (IPS) – Despite what you might have heard, things are getting better, every year. We are making amazing progress on fighting diseases, reducing the preventable deaths of children, and investing huge… 1 144 Western Airlines DC-3 C-47 Los Angeles, CA, 1950

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Published by Focus on the Global South In the first half of 2019, a great deal of global attention focused on national elections in three countries where authoritarian regimes or personalities were in command of the state: Thailand, the Philippines,… Continue Reading

By Fernando Reyes Matta*   There are three fears that cross citizenship in different parts of the world: a) the fear of how work life will be changed by automation and robotics; b) the fear of stress in urban life, if the… 1 18 Greenlight 1970 Dodge Challenger Congreenible pace Car 55th.Indianapolis

top spinning Spark Spin Billet Billetspin Copper Cnc Metal Art EDC f0357zmee6714-Spinning Tops

By Nadia Batok* Washington ceremony marks 70th anniversary of NATO on April 3, 2019. The seventieth anniversary of the Washington Treaty, the founding document of NATO, represents more than just a historical moment for commemorating NATO’s past, but also an opportunity… Continue Reading

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By Marco Funk* BERLIN, Jul 11 2019 (IPS) – When the Italian police recently arrested Carola Rackete, captain of the Sea-Watch 3 search and rescue vessel, the Central Mediterranean Sea suddenly entered the international limelight once again. Media coverage of… Continue Reading

By Peter Adwok NYABA * It isn’t possible that people who’ve been struggling together against a common enemy for nearly six decades could turn in the end against themselves as if nothing strategic bounded them together. Many people in the… Continue Reading

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MARIANNA BIRÓ – Index, Budapest Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament and chairman of Fidesz’s governing board László Kövér said that the establishment of administrative courts was only taken off the agenda until the international disputes around Hungary’s rule-of-law situation settle.… 1 18 Arrows Hart V10 A20 T. Takagi 1999 in brandnew showcase TOP

top spinning Spark Spin Billet Billetspin Copper Cnc Metal Art EDC f0357zmee6714-Spinning Tops

By Justin Worland* – TIME  President Donald Trump has falsely called climate change a “hoax” invented by China, incorrectly suggested that wind turbines cause cancer and dismissed a landmark scientific report produced by the federal government’s own scientists. His Administration has… Continue Reading

BBC World Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who has won the general election in Greece, has politics running through his veins. His father Konstantinos Mitsotakis was prime minister in the early 1990s and his sister, Dora Bakoyannis, was mayor of Athens when the… Johnny Seven OMA Topper Works

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